#MemberCrushMonday: AJ Blusiewicz

Today we introduce you to AJ Blusiewicz as our #MemberCrushMonday! He does CrossFit to stay healthy, stay competitive, and to have energy to keep up with his kids. His favorite WOD is Murph!

AJ works for Ulta Beauty as an Operations Manager at their Distribution Center in Phoenix, so he knows a lot about makeup. He really enjoys golf...a lot!! And spending time with his 2 kids Parker and Jordan. Being social media free (and loving it!) he gets to read quite a bit. Something else he enjoys is cooking.

Here is his CrossFit story:

"I began crossfit on April 1st, 2015 and no, that’s not a joke! I walked in to a 5:30am class and the rest is history. You can usually find me at the 5:30am class or 4:30pm class. I’ve always been active/competitive growing up. I played baseball, golf, and swam as a kid. Swimming beat out all other sports and became my passion. My life-long dream growing up in Illinois was to head west and swim for the Arizona State Sun Devils. I ended up walking on to the ASU team and swam all 4 years! It was a truly amazing experience! I’ve been out here since the summer of 2000 and never plan on going back. I’m addicted to CrossFit because I grew up always having a coach tell me what to do, if it’s left up to me, it might not get done. While I’ve only been at Chuckwalla for 2 months, it already feels like home and I’ve made so good friends as well!!"

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