#TransformationStory: Lisa

Almost a month ago Lisa Douglass destroyed our 6 Week Challenge by losing 24#s. The most amazing part to me is her transformation story and I think we can all benefit from what she has to say...

"This challenge has changed me. I have a very full life. Amazing connections with family and friends...a successful career. I have everything. I thought so until I realized the one thing I didn’t have and that is self care. We all juggle many competing priorities...but often self care falls to the bottom of that list. I am a single mom of a busy 15 year old who is active in sports. My job is stressful and time consuming. My father has health issues and I help my mother care for him. I started feeling lost. Disconnected from myself and my own health. I worked in the oncology field for many years and used to tell patient’s families that they have to take care of themselves (sleep,eat etc..) so that they could take care of their loved one. Easy to give advice and not follow your own teachings.

I drove by Chuckwalla Often and saw the sign on the sidewalk offering a free trial. Months and months of seeing that sign finally lead to checking out the website. I looked at the pictures and read the reviews. Searching the photos for people that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to work out with. I was nervous that I would be the only morbidly obese person at the gym with limited abilities. I got up the nerve to email and meet with John and he told me about the challenge. I decided to give it a try but never anticipated how different I would be after it finished.

When John posted my before and after pics I was in shock. I was embarrassed. I knew I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes but I didn’t truly realize how much weight and how many inches I had packed on. It’s crazy how differently we see ourselves but the camera reveals truth! The inches and the numbers on the scale were a symptom of absence of self care.

I have let my weight limit me from living my life the way I want to and I have finally had enough of it! Every insecurity I had about joining a CrossFit gym was squashed after meeting some of the most supportive, kind, loving people at Chuckwalla. The 0530 class cheering me on as I tried to run for the first time in years. John and Ellesse pushing me to do better. The first day I tried to work out..I could hardly get off the floor without help and today I am running and keeping up with my classmates. I am finally to a point that I see food as fuel. It no longer has control over me.

I wanted to share a few things that helped me over this 6 weeks: 1. Follow the diet as prescribed. Do not deviate. 2. Food prep is a must. Set yourself up for success by packing the night before for work/school. Minimize the chance of needing to eat on the fly and grab drive thru. If you have to go out to eat make sure you look at the menu ahead of time and know exactly what you can order without going off track. 3. Always pack water with you! But treat yourself with a Crystal Light or a sweet zero calorie drink once a day. 4. Experiment with recipes and make the limited food choices more exciting. I refuse to cook separate meals for my family and myself so I loved creating dishes that were on my plan but I would add cheese or sour cream etc. to their portions. 5. Eat before going out. I went to a Cardinals game and a concert and only drank water while at the events. Because I ate prior to going, I wasn’t dying for a beer or popcorn. 6. Surround yourself with love, support and people that will celebrate your choices and successes!

Good luck to those of you that are just starting this journey! Stick with it! You can do it...you are the only one that can do this for yourself! You are worth it!"

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