#MemberCrushMonday: Ariel Borg

Our #MemberCrushMonday for this week also allows me to introduce our newest coach, Ariel Borg (Goes by Ari -- "R-ee"). She just completed her internship with us and recently passed her CrossFit Level 1! She is full of encouragement and words of affirmation. You'll find her coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here is her story!

"I dropped in for the free week when I was about 7 ½ months pregnant. I really loved it, but it was not the right time for me to begin CrossFit. About one year ago (November 2017) I started dropping in once a week, as a supplement to my already vigorous fitness routine. About two months ago I heard John was looking for new coaches. I changed my punch pass to a full membership, began interning and studying, passed the test and got the job!

I want to be a CrossFit coach for a few different reasons. First of all, I have been a boot camp coach for two years and a trainer for 8 years. I love the competitive, community atmosphere of group fitness, but I was a little tired of running my own business and was ready for a change. I find the discipline of CrossFit to be incredibly effective and challenging, and I love the sense of community at Chuckwalla.

Also, the challenge of becoming a trainer has inspired me to deepen my knowledge of the sport and push myself harder to lead by example as an athlete. This process is refining me, and I like that. Finally, I believe that there is a place for everyone at CrossFit, and the sense of community and inclusion is paramount to me. When you step into Chuckwalla, know that you belong and that I am relentlessly FOR you!

My favorite movement is the back squat, or really anything where I can mess with heavy barbells. I need to get better at gymnastics and running, so I am practicing!

Outside of CrossFit, I am very involved with my neighborhood community and my church. My husband and I lead a church home group, and I created a neighborhood mom's group for moms of young kids in my neighborhood. There are over 60 active members! I also founded and run our neighborhood's annual turkey trot. I have been married for ten years to my husband Timothy, who is a firefighter captain and real estate investor. We have three kids: Aurora, Cooper, and Piper. I love adventure and have had a very interesting life. I played rugby in college, worked multiple jobs for the Forest Service (including wildland fire fighting and law enforcement). I did a brief stint in the army national guard as a journalist. I spent my childhood in a house in the forest that was completely off the grid- no electricity or phone lines. I love cliff-jumping and rock climbing. My first kiss with my husband was on a mountain top after a hike, and he proposed on a different mountain top on a night hike. One of my proudest achievements was winning the high-school state championship in high-jump and leading my women's track team in winning state as well.

I am currently motivated by wanting to be my best self. To me this looks like living out of my strengths and being mindful of and working on my weaknesses. It looks like getting better rest and nutrition, and being consistent with my workouts. And it looks like knowing when I messed up and being honest about what I can do better. I am always trying to improve, and that can be hard and humbling. Thank you for walking alongside me in my journey!"

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