#MemberCrushMonday: Gabriel Velasco

You might be able to get a runner to do CrossFit, but you can't get him to stop favoring running over anything else! This week our #MemberCrushMonday has us getting to know Gabriel Velasco and his first fitness love is running. He has a history of track & cross-country and he was FAST, putting up personal bests as a 4:30 minute mile, a 1:56 minute 800m (1/2 mile) and a 49 second 400m (1/4 mile). Even at longer distances he carried speed, with a 1 hr 19 minute half marathon and a 16:17 min (hilly) 5k! So it is no surprise that his favorite CrossFit workout is anything with 800m or more, but he did admit he likes front squats as well! Gabriel also remarked that he is looking forward to doing his first Murph WOD next year!

(photo form a Runner's World magazine feature of him)

Gabriel started CrossFit because he wanted to try something different, outside of the traditional gym, because his workouts there had become too routine. He is loving the "intensity and community" aspect of Chuckwalla CrossFit, with friends to push you on to succeed, and sends a shout-out to his 6:30am peeps!

He is the owner of Integra Home Inspections and is a certified Home Inspector in the State of Arizona. Gabriel mainly doed home inspections for buyers and sometimes for sellers who want to get their house ready for sale. Additionally he enjoys renovating homes for fun...and of course for profit! He does most of the reno work myself.

As a family man, Gabriel also enjoys spending time with his wife & kids! They go to the beach at least twice a year and he is hoping to retire on a beachfront property some day! He enjoys watching his 16 year old daughter play club softball or any high school sport she decides to play (mainly softball/badminton). His 12 year old son also plays school sports (mainly flag football/basketball.)

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