#MemberCrushMonday: Matesi Neumiller

This week we have find ourselves with a #MemberCrushMonday on Matesi Neumiller. You will certainly enjoy getting to know this super positive and dedicated lady we affectionately call Tazer.

Here is her story:

"Hello! My name is Matesi though everyone calls me Tazer (it's easier to remember, and pronounce). I'll start off sharing that coffee is my favorite 'food.' But it's more than just a drink, it's a hug in a mug! I have it hot year round. Don't ever let anyone tell you that it's too hot for coffee or that you've got too much peanut butter on your bread. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

I've been into sports since as far back as I can remember. My first love was always running, especially cross country. There's something intoxicating about pushing your body to train beyond it's limits while in nature that always made it so much fun. When I got injured in college I stepped away from organized sports and took to weightlifting on my own to heal up and get stronger. I missed the element of competition, so I competed in a bodybuilding show but it wasn't the same type of competing that my adrenaline seeking side needed. That's what drew me to Crossfit. I love to push myself to do my best and I feel that Crossfit helps cultivate an environment that allows me to compete with myself. My favorite lift in crossfit is literally anything that includes picking things up and putting them down. The heavier the better!

Outside of Crossfit I have my husband of 6 years going on forever and my 3 children. A 3 year old boy born at 28 weeks, a 1 year old born at 34 weeks due to a car accident and a beautiful baby girl, our little angel who watches over us until we meet again in heaven someday. My children are living miracles and have changed the way I view life. I've come to realize that taking care of myself not only benefits me but also helps me be the kind of mommy and wife I want to be for my little wolf pack. As a family we enjoy going to car shows, hiking, or random weekends getaways. We've only lived in Arizona for just shy of 4 years now as my husband and I relocated from North Dakota right before the birth of our first son. We've got a lot of exploring to do and explore we shall!

One thing I can share that may surprise people is that I have been on 4 mission trips. I've been to Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Haiti. Each of the trips were centered around different tasks such as helping local orphanages with running Vacation Bible School in the bush (i.e. the middle of no where) all the way to helping rebuild churches after natural disasters. I believe the Lord gave me a heart of compassion for a reason and so I'll use these two hands and feet to spread His love like dandelions."

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