#MemberCrushMonday: Gena Gutierrez

Our #MemberCrushMonday, Eugenia (Gena) Gutierrez, started with our 6 Week Challenge program because she needed a change. We are so glad she came to Chuckwalla CrossFit and has continued beyond the 6 weeks as a member! She inspires all of us!

This awesome lady is a stay at home mom and "the boss of the Gutierrez household!" Gena enjoys being with her family and friends, especially doing things outdoors! They like to go camping and recently going off road with the FJ Cruiser. She has also been lucky to have traveled to almost every continent! Asia and Australia are the only 2 that remain. With her travel comes a love for language, and she speak 3 languages. 

The motivation for Gena to do CrossFit was to change her life, to get fit, get strong, gain endurance and gain energy. She doesn't want to be limited by lack of strength or endurance anymore! To accomplish this, Gena knew she needed a drastic change, and went all in with diet and exercise in our 6 Week Challenge.

She says, "I had a membership to the gym but never went. I felt intimidated and judged because of the way I looked walking in. The moment I entered Chuckwalla CrossFit I was welcomed with the support and guidance I was looking for. The trainers are amazing and the other members cheer you on!  After the 6 Week Challenge and the results I saw, I made the decision to stay and keep working towards my goal of being fit. Along the way I have gained confidence and energy to keep going and do activities that I could not do before without feeling intimidated and exhausted."

She finished her 6 Week Challenge on August 19 and lost 12 pounds!

When I asked what her favorite lift was, she said, "Funny you ask because I'm still learning the names of the lifts. LOL!! But the lift that I can remember the name is 'the deadlift.' This lift has also proven to me the strength I have been gaining since I started doing CrossFit. I don't have a favorite workout, all the 6:30am classes have been different since I started. Each time I arrive and the class begins it has a new routine that it surprises me and kicks my butt."

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