#MemberCrushMonday: Angel Torres

Our #MemberCrushMonday this week, Angel Torres, is one driven young man.

This year Angel started his freshman year at Sunnyslope High School after a strong showing in elementary, where he achieved student of the month 7 years in a row and was also on Principal's Honor Roll for 4 of those years. 

Angel came to Chuckwalla CrossFit because he wanted to gain strength and endurance to participate in football, and although he wasn't able to join football this year because he enrolled too late, he stuck with CrossFit. At the beginning of CrossFit he was only able to deadlift 140 lbs. and now 3 months later he is able to deadlift 225 lbs. His weight has also dropped from 220 lbs to 207 lbs! Angel really enjoys having a challenge and beating his personal records!

He likes to go out with his family and enjoys eating and video games, but lifting and more specifically CrossFit are truly his favorite things. 

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