#MemberCrushMonday: Nicole Melendez

Our last #MemberCrushMonday of the year goes to Nicole Melendez! She was one of the athletes who competed in our Chuckwalla Christmas Classic, which was her first CrossFit competition!

Here is her story:

"I have been living in Arizona for about a year and a half. Before living here, I lived in San Diego, where I went to UC San Diego. College was a great time! I majored in international business. My job now is at Charles Schwab doing finance operations for the bank part of Schwab. I moved to Arizona because I have some family here and they helped me out in my transition. I was born in Peru and lived there until the age of 10, when we moved to the high desert of California and later San Diego. My mom and I recently went down to Peru to visit and it was a wonderful experience seeing my family after a long time.

While in San Diego, I noticed that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle, cramming for tests and eating lots of junk. The year of 2016, I joined a boxing gym, which I immediately fell in love with. I trained there for about a year, in which I picked up boxing, kickboxing, strength training, muy thai, and jiu jitsu. I also got a personal trainer who kicked my butt in the gym. I even won a body fat competition for losing 7% body fat in 3 months! I lost a total of about 40 pounds throughtout my year at the gym, which I have kept off since moving here. I joined Crossfit because I also really enjoyed strength training, which my trainer introduced me to. I had a goal to get stronger. This spring I did the trial and beginner classes here at Chuckwalla and stayed around since. I think my favorite lift is the deadlift, just because it looks cool being able to lift a bunch of weight haha.

Other hobbies include painting/drawing (making arts and crafts in general), going to concerts, and eating delicous foods!"

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