#MemberCrushMonday: Allie Colton

Our first #MemberCrushMonday of the year is on Allison Colton. Allie joined Chuckwalla at the end of October, and it didn't take long for her enjoyment of CrossFit to cause both her parents to check out our gym. Her mom joined as well and it was super inspiring to see them compete in our Christmas Classic together, especially as CrossFit newbies! They earned a spot on the women's scaled podium after the nail-biting assault bike tie breaker!

When she's not doing CrossFit, Allie is either working, she does Clinical Pharmaceutical Research, or hanging out with her best friend, aka her amazing momma! She also enjoys seeing new movies or playing Nintendo Switch. She loves to meal prep, because it helps her stay healthy during the week while giving her something to look forward to. And she loves doing makeup, saying, "It's so therapeutic and is pretty much an endless toy."

Allie started CrossFit because, as many people come to realize, the same old gym routine wasn't doing much for her. She continues to do CrossFit because she has aspirations to join the AirForce and knows that CrossFit will help her prepare and train for a future in the AirForce. The sumo-deadlift high-pull is her favorite life at this point, but she enjoys all of the strength and lifting!

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