#MemberCrushMonday: Jessica Sutton

Our #MemberCrushMonday this week features Jessica Sutton!

Here is her story:

"I recently started Crossfit in September of 2018 after months of my husband, Brandon, persuading me to go. After just one week I was hooked!

Brandon and I recently got married in March of 2018 and then added to our family by adopting a fur baby/dog named Ranger. Shortly after getting married I started working as a logistic broker at Knight Transportation and have found a job that i am very passionate about.

Growing up I played many different sports but ended up choosing to play collegiate tennis at George Fox University in Portland Oregon. I still compete in different athletic events and including beer league softball where I now excel. Outside of Crossfit I have many hobbies and activities that I enjoy doing but my favorite is taking Ranger, hiking on the weekends. Since I have started Crossfit I have been able to take these hikes to the next level and go further or on more advanced hikes then before. Even though I have only been there for a few months I feel that Chuckwalla has already made a positive impact on my health and happiness. I love the community that it brings, the workouts we get to do, and the fact that it allows you to push yourself to improve everyday. I am really excited to see the continued changes that Crossfit will bring to my life."

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