#MemberCrushMonday: Becky Coberly

Today's #MemberCrushMonday is long over due! We are featuring Becky Coberly, one of our founding members and wife of Coach David Coberly!

Here is her story:

"CrossFit is definitely a family affair for my household! With my husband Dave being one of the first coaches at Chuckwalla and our two kids Wesley (10 yrs.) and Hannah (7.5 yrs.) usually always in tow, going to the gym is just something we do! (Also, I realized that if I wanted to see my husband, I better start going to CrossFit too!) My first memory of the early days of Chuckwalla is doing ring rows in John and Ashley's garage and running 200 meters down their street!

Originally from the Los Angeles / Orange County area, Dave and I moved out to Phoenix in 2005 to pursue a new job offer. Being 100% Russian, I come from a big, tight-knit family so being away from my loved ones in southern California is tough. This is why we cling to our friends, church, and gym community (all of you!) as our pseudo-family! Thank you, by the way!

My mom was my first influence on eating healthy and exercising. She taught my sister and I how to eat well by showing us the more green and vibrant colors you put on your plate, the more healthy you'll be! She also shared her extensive aerobics VHS video collection with us. I eventually took these videos to college with me to supplement my daily workouts when I couldn't get to a traditional gym! (They played perfectly on the mini TV/VCR combo that I took with me to college! Yeah, I was pretty much "that" girl doing plyometrics and Buns of Steel in my dorm room. Kidding, not kidding.)

Speaking of college, a fun fact is that I met Dave in 1999 on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA during my freshman orientation. He ran up to me (imagine the Baywatch theme song playing in the background) and asked me if I wanted to borrow his beach chair...and well, the rest is history! This year, we will be celebrating 16 years of marriage!

My background is in event planning and marketing. My true passion is event design and execution, but along the way in my career I also found out I was a good writer. For the last 3 years I was on a marketing team doing copywriting for a jewelry company. As of January of this year, I transitioned out of that job to pursue a new opportunity helping with a family business in property management. I am enjoying honoring my family in this way and to be honest, I do NOT miss writing deadlines! Something that I wanted to share with all of you is that we have something pretty special going on at Chuckwalla. During the last month or so, a longtime friend of mine asked me if I would join her at her gym for a few classes to help keep her accountable to her fitness goals. I obliged. Fact: in the several times I've dropped into her gym, no one has talked to me, asked my name, nor has any one said hello to me! Huh? You serious? I have realized that no two gyms are the same or compare with the type of community we have created here. I am honored to be a part of the Chuckwalla family!"

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