#MemberCrushMonday: Pauline Scanlon

Our #MemberCrushMonday today is on Pauline Scanlon, who started CrossFit at 54 years young! I hope someday soon she'll take me on a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike with her.

Here is her story, you're going to love it!

"My brother had been bugging me for years to try CrossFit. Having loved and participated in sports/exercise my entire life, I thought I might enjoy it. Problem was I had gotten so out of shape after starting my second career, teaching, at the age of 48. I recently started Crossfit with a goal of trying to stand up from a crouch position (without tipping over) and bending over to tie my shoes without grunting and contorting having to take breaths in between shoes. Squats for me, I thought, were out of the question, (arthritis in the back). I’ve smashed those goals and now I’m close to RX'ing some movements! Hearing Lauren call me an “athlete” and Dan toss out a “good squat” are things I’d never thought I’d hear at my age! And having Ari’s constant encouragement motivates me to continue! In a couple of months I’ll be competing in the Masters category! For this year, at 54, it turns out I’m just too young!

I also love that CrossFit helps me everyday. From lifting a cooler into the back of my pickup truck ( SDLHP) for a tailgate, to loading my overstuffed suitcase into the overhead compartment (push press) to chasing down my 55 lb dog who got out (200 m run) and then picking her up (KB sumo deadlift) because she has no collar since she ate it, and carrying her back home! My future goals are to complete a pull up and a box jump, as well as stave off bone loss so I don’t break a hip and become a burden to my family.

Personally, I have been married to my best friend, Brian for 30 years! We have 4 children: a 27 yr old daughter who’s a Captain in the Army, a son (25) who’s a police officer in LA (Back the Blue!), a 22 yr old daughter who’s an EMT (and Crossfitter) in Phx and is trying to become a fireman (or is it person of Fire?), and a 19 year old freshman D1 women’s volleyball player at UT Martin (Skyhawks, TN). I’m a proud parent with a kid in every time zone! What might surprise you is that I ride a HD motorcycle (any ladies out there like to ride??) and have hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim 4 times. I also enjoy golf and skiing.

So if you see me, stop and say hello! You’ll know me because I’m usually the oldest person in class! (C’mon you youngsters, get your parents to come to class!)"

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