#MemberCrushMonday: Tora Ouchie

Our #MemberCrushMonday this week is on Tora Ouchie. She is a textbook CrossFit athlete - started on her own in a local globo gym, and found us during the CrossFit Open because she wanted to do the WODs at an affiliate. From that moment on, she was hooked on being part of not only CrossFit but also our community! And I'm super proud of her for competing in our Spring Fling this weekend after only a couple of months of "official" CrossFit with us! She is stronger and braver than she thinks.

Tora works as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist at HonorHealth, calling herself an "intoverted lab geek." As a working, single mom, Tora says that between work, taking care of whatever is going on in Mackenzie’s world, the dogs, and coming to CrossFit, that pretty much accounts for all her time. They do try to go hiking, or find things to do in the valley. As a former bartender at a couple of breweries, she does like to try and get out and find a good beer or cocktail- especially if she can do it while sitting outside in the ️sun. That pretty much sums up what she enjoys - her kids, her dogs, and being outside!

Tora chose CrossFit because working out alone was getting boring and she found she wasn't pushing herself as much. With CrossFit, she loves the design of the workouts, and how 2 days are never the same. But the biggest appeal of CrossFit, was that it keeps her coming back, and it helps her anxiety and depression so much. Tora is a totally different person when she works out regularly than when she doesn’t, explaining, "I don't like being the person who can’t leave her apartment. I was so scared to come in for my first workout- and that entire first week! My anxiety was at an all time high; I seriously didn’t think I’d make it in the door. Everyone at Chuckwalla made me feel welcome, and kept me coming back . The community here is incredible, and I can’t imagine not being a part of this family!"

The Olympic lifts are her favorite, so Barbell Club is always a high to her week. She also thinks AMRAPs are fun, but also anything for time, because she's "competitive AF, lol!" Thrusters would be the only movement NOT even close to the idea of "favorite."

Also, she always has the coolest workout leggings. She told me they come from here, if you're interested too!

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