#MemberCrushMonday: Asa Holly

Our #MemberCrushMonday this week introduces us to Asa Holly, a fellow who is new to our community, but not a new athlete! And once you get to know Asa, maybe you'll have him over for a game of Settlers & a beer.

Here is his story:

"I was born and raised in Georgia (I know I don't have an accent, but I do say y'all!) After finishing my undergrad in Mechanical Engineer and working for a year I decided I needed a change. Arizona was about as different as I could get and my grandfather was out here, so I applied to Grad school at ASU, was accepted, and moved in with my grandfather. I’ve been in Arizona for 7 and a half years now.

In those years a lot has changed especially over the last 4, but that's a story I'll save for an in person conversation. The end of that story is last summer I graduated from Seminary with an MDiv, was commissioned as Provisional Elder in United Methodist Church, and in September I finished my Chaplain Residency and began working full time for Banner Health first at Banner-University (Good Sam) downtown and now Banner Boswell. As a Chaplain I specialize in crisis intervention, end of life care, and grief facilitation. I love what I do and am very passionate about it.

Working out for me is active meditation, a way to process my emotions (I get all the feels with my job), clear my mind, and focus on my body. I started Crossfit around the time I moved to AZ. When I had a gym I would just look up the WOD on Crossfit.com and do that to the best of my ability and with the equipment I had. The last few years though I didn’t have a gym, so I built a plyo box, got a couple KBs and a med ball; it met my needs, but was lonely. I love the variation of CrossFit and how it is never the same day to day, combining strength, endurance, and skill. I’m really looking forward to working on my lifts and have been meaning to come to Barbell Club to work on those, but mostly you can find me at the 9am Crossfit class on my days off.

Joining the box probably wasn’t the best financial decision, but it’s definitely good for my personal well being, getting me out to be part of a community which I have been lacking over the years. Overall I do this because its my kind of crazy and I think it fun. Y'all have been cool and encouraging, thanks for that! So I think I'll stick around.

Other good things to know:

  • I love podcasts and can make some great recommendations

  • I build lego sets - another way I decompress - it's the engineering in me

  • I do Triathlons and have hopes of doing a full Iron Man within a few years.

  • I brew beer - mostly ales because they are the easiest

  • I love playing Settlers of Catan (anyone else?)"

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