#MemberCrushMonday: Frankie Garcia

Today's #MemberCrushMonday is an introduction to Frank Garcia, better known as Frankie.

He has spent the last 12 years working for the City of Phoenix, in an advocacy position within the Prosecutor's Office, Victim Services Unit. The fast pace of this government position is something he enjoys and he spends lots of time either in court or on the phone with victims of crime. However, he is ready for a change of industry and wants to go into the medical field or higher learning education. As a a Grand Canyon University graduate, he carries two Master's degrees, one in Leadership and one in Public Administration. His passion for education inspires him to motivate the younger generation to pursue career ambitions with wisdom!

Something he loves to do is spend time with his family, particularly the elder generations. Frankie shared, "It is my belief older traditions are dying away and the younger ones must keep them alive. Listen, learn, practice, and teach them to the younger generations. The spirits must live on!"

A hobby he enjoys is playing the piano and singing, and a few years ago he sang with a local performing chorus as a tenor and had such a good time he hopes he can resume that again soon. Lately his interest in singing has found him doing karaoke (scary-aoke) with friends in the Melrose District bars

He also loves playing recreational sports such as softball and sand volleyball. Batting and first-base playing comes natural, so he is more inclined to play softball, and especially loves helping out with those double-plays!

Frankie said, "I joined CrossFit to become more lean with the upper body and develop lower body strength. I was exhausted spending countless hours at a local gym and getting little results. Since I have joined CrossFit with Chuckawalla, I have become more lean and my lower body is slowly strengthening. My knees have a touch of arthritis but the workouts are counter acting the condition." His favorite workouts, he explains, are the cardio heavy ones (especially AMRAPs), saying, "These workouts are killer and I love them. I may not look like it but I am extremely grateful after all the workouts. Never before have I walked out of an exercise that is dynamic, challenging, and productive. My stamina and flexibility on the fields of softball and volleyball have certainly increased for the better. Additionally, I really enjoy Chuchawalla coaches. Typically my workouts need to be scaled down and the coaches are extremely patient and consistent while helping me develop and maintain the fundamentals to properly exercise and avoid injury and provide alternatives. Additionally, I enjoy the classes because people encourage each other. Often times that little support (a voice) provides that needed energy to finish. I wish I joined years ago but glad to be here now. Thank you Chuckawalla CrossFit!"

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