#MemberCrushMonday: Luci Clark

#MemberCrushMonday: Luci Clark

What do you do outside of CrossFit?

I just finished my undergrad degree in worship ministry and substance abuse counseling at GCU, so now I don't do much and it feels pretty great I'm catching up on a lot of house work and time with my son, Asher. I also work at a church in Glendale. I help ministries at the church work and communicate with each other, I do worship for the youth group, and I also do web and app design for them.

What is something about you that would surprise us?

Something that I'm glad surprises people is that just over a year ago I had a stroke that affected my right side and my ability to talk. I had done first aid training multiple times in the past for working at a preschool and as a lifeguard, so I knew what it was pretty quickly and I got help pretty quickly. That, paired with a lot of prayer and support from my family and church fam, and a lot of work in physical therapy has gotten me to a point where people don't even see the affects. I'm super appreciative to have a gym where I can push myself further and get stronger than I was before last year.

What do you enjoy?

I love reading, going on adventures with my husband and son, playing games like Settlers or Betrayal at the House on the Hill, playing music with other people, and doing escape rooms with my husband.

Why do you CrossFit?

I do better with exercising when someone is telling me what to do. It's easier to motivate myself when I know that it's going to be worth my time instead of me wandering around a gym with little idea what I'm doing.

What is your favorite CrossFit lift/workout?

Anything that's not running.

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