#TransformationStory: Melissa

Melissa’s results were a testimony to the fact that the scale doesn’t tell all. While the numbers on the scale didn’t move a whole lot, her 30 Day Transformation was most successful for changing her habits and she did drop 2 pant sizes! “I'm not one to post pictures of myself like this, but if it can inspire at least one momma friend out there, its worth it!!!

I still have a lot of work to do to meet my goals but I'm one step closer than I was 30 days ago! I'm stronger, more confident, stand a little taller, and have cultivated healthier habits.

❤ To the mommas who try so hard to fit some time in for themselves on daily basis and are defeated by the lies we tell ourselves (no time, I feel guilty for leaving the kids etc.) here's what I learned throughout the 30 days.

If you REALLY want it, you'll do whatever it takes! I'm a mommy, a wife, I work full-time, and have other obligations that take time out of my day just like everyone else. But I was determined! So I made some adjustments in my schedule and woke up everyday at 5am just to get that workout in for the day. Now it's just part of my routine and I don't think twice about it. I feel great, have more sustainable energy without relying on endless amounts of caffeine and I sleep better.

So glad I did this challenge and just because it's over doesn't mean I'm going to stop challenging myself!”

-- Melissa, 8/2019

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