#TransformationStory: Danny

A true transformation... Taking someone who has never done CrossFit through our 30 Day Fit Launch...18lbs lost in 30 days, leaving behind a man who is more confident in his physical capabilities, committed to the process, and super pumped to motivate others to change their own story. ⚡️

We are proud of you Danny!! 👏🏼

"I love Chuckwalla CrossFit. I’m a newbie to the CrossFit game. In my past I played hockey, rugby, and some football. I’ve never been a gym guy. It’s hard for me to just walk on a treadmill for an hour.

CrossFit has that team feel with some competitive parts to it as well. Your going to find some amazing people here. Fellow athletes and coaches are so helpful.

The hardest part was showing up that first day and getting out of the car. If for any reason you feel nervous or uncomfortable about taking that first step don’t!!! PM me personally if your nervous hell I’ll meet up with you and we can walk in together if that’s what it takes. I want everyone to feel the way I’ve felt this past month."

-- Danny, 8/2019

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