2019 CrossFit Open & the Fittest at Chuckwalla

CrossFit Games Open ...and

Fittest at Chuckwalla!

The Official 2019 CrossFit Open starts on October 10 and this year you can test your fitness against your fellow Chuckwalla athletes in our individual Open competition! Participate in the Open workouts each week starting 10/10 and submit your scores to games.crossfit.com. For the 5th and final workout you will throw-down against another Chuckwalla athlete according to your rank from the 1st four workouts, to determine the top Chuckwalla athletes. Prizes, and more importantly bragging rights, will then be awarded. Throw-down is November 9! Of course everyone will want to be there to watch ...and eat, because we always have food! More details coming... Time to get ready!!


What is the CrossFit Open?

Why is there two "Opens" this year?

How long is it?

Am I FIT enough for the OPEN?

These are all great questions, and ones that we get a lot surrounding this time of the year. So we will be addressing them today, with the CrossFit Open less than a month away!


What is the CrossFit Open?

1️⃣The Open is a five week event that kicks off October 10th

2️⃣Each week will have a different workout, that will be released Thursday Evening, and the entire CrossFit worldwide community will have until Monday night to do the workout and submit their scores

3️⃣400,000+ people do these workouts each week all within a couple of days

4️⃣We all get to showcase our fitness and compete against ourselves and one another

5️⃣People of all ages and ability levels can play, Rx’d or scaled

6️⃣The Open is the ultimate challenge and proving ground to yourself and your friends.


Why is there two "Open's" this year?

The Open has always been in February, but this year we are treated with TWO Opens, one in February 2019, and one in October 2019 (known as 2020 season).


In past, the Open was the start of the CrossFit "season", with the Open being stage one. If you placed in the top 40 in your region in the Open, you would qualify for stage two, Regionals. Regionals was a weekend long competition in different regions across the world, and if you placed in the top 5 after the weekend, you punched your ticket to the Games.


The CrossFit Games would host the top 40 men, women, and teams for another weekend long competition to showcase who would be crowned the fittest on earth. Things have changed a bit the past few years.


Here is how they are different:

▶️CF Open in October (still start of CF season)

▶️No more Regionals

▶️Sanctionals are introduced, qualifying events all over the world to earn your spot in the Games.

▶️CrossFit Games moved to Wisconsin


Am I fit enough for the open?

YES! Everyone is, the Open is meant to uplift you and challenge you past your comfort zone. Any WOD is infinitely scalable to still get a great workout. The Open is about bringing the fitness community together to have fun and and challenge ourselves and one another to be better.

(Thanks Spark CrossFit for getting all the details straightened out for us!!)

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