#TransformationStory: Brandon Sutton

Brandon Sutton -

I started CrossFit in January of 2017 after going to try on a Tux for my wedding and being shocked at what my wait size had become.

Shortly after joining, Chuckwalla started a new 30 day diet/lifestyle challenge to help members lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I signed up as I thought it was exactly what I needed and was not disappointed. During the 30 days I lost 10 pounds but more importantly learned how to eat cleaner and healthier and eliminate some negative habits that I was unaware I was doing.

Due to the change in my eating habits, that I learned through the challenge, I have now lost over 40 pounds, and 4 belt sizes. It has also had a medical impact on my life as well. Prior to this year I had always had high cholesterol and blood pressure, both run in my family, and was told at 25 years old that I would probably need to start taking medications to help regulate both of those to healthier numbers. When I went to the doctor this year my numbers had not only improved, they had improved to the point that my doctor doesn’t think that I may ever need to be medicated for them.

Not only has joining Chuckwalla introduced me to an amazing community, full of many people that have become some of my closest friends, it has changed my life entirely. It has helped make me healthier, happier, and provided me all of the tools to live the lifestyle that I want to life. I will forever be grateful for the changes that Chuckwalla has helped me make in my life.

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