Raise the Bar, 2020 (pt 1)

Updated: May 1, 2020

Raise the Bar, 2020

We are taking the opportunity in 2020 to focus on Raising the Bar. This starts from the top down, and will impact how we run the business, how we hire and develop coaches, the effectiveness and results of our programs, and the influence in our immediate and greater community! Some of these initiatives will be effective immediately, be coming in January, and be implemented over the year. Some of these initiatives will be super exciting, some might not even be super noticeable, and some will be very practical. Through it all we are looking to increase our consistency and our efficacy. Effective immediately, we have established some written policies that will apply to current and future members.

Please take a moment to read over our member policies!

These will always be available on our website, under the "about/contact" tab (or https://www.chuckwallacrossfit.com/members) For those of you in a contract membership, you will also be receiving an updated contract (via Wodify) to sign. As always, if you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to work through it together!

  • Member Referral Program

  • Discount Policy

  • "Becoming Our Best" Policies

  • Cancel Policy

  • Hold Policy

Some of the more exciting initiatives will be announced at our upcoming Goal Getting meetings, so please plan to attend one of those!

  • December 28 at 8am (No 8am WOD)

  • January 1 at 10am (after the 9am 5k, before Brunch!)

  • January 4 at 10am (also the January Challenge weigh-in!)

We are looking forward to finishing the year STRONG and starting the New Year with a specific focus on offering the best versions of ourselves! Let's Raise the Bar together! All Our Best, John Hazdovac (founder/owner) and Lauren Koemans (general manager)

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