#MemberCrushMonday: Brittany Whitney

#MemberCrushMonday: Brittany Whitney

Here is her story:

What is something about you that would surprise us?

Surprise you?? Gosh, well I am a 5th Generation Phoenician. I feel as though you hear about so many people moving to Phoenix but don't always hear about people that are actually from Phoenix. My family has been in the valley for a long time. Something else that may surprise you is I have 30+ first cousins on just 1 side of my family, which does not include all of their spouses. My mom is the youngest of 7 kids, so our family get together's are quite large.

What do you do outside of CrossFit?

Outside of CrossFit I am a wife and mom of two beautiful and spunky kiddos! My husband and I met back in college when we were 19 and have been together ever since. Faith is our oldest at 6 years old and Hudson just turned 4 this month! I am also an Interior Designer. I have been with the same company for 10 years now and absolutely love working with my clients and making their dreams become a reality for their home.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy spending time with my family and completely checking out. Whether it is taking a weekend trip to somewhere up north or it use to be to the ocean when we lived in WA. Anytime we can take a family trip, that is my absolute favorite. I also enjoying watching Football, going Hiking and swimming during the summer.

Why do you CrossFit?

Actually, I am a little newer to CrossFit. I just celebrated on Saturday my 6 month anniversary with Chuckwalla. When I started CrossFit I was just getting over a horrible back injury and I wanted to feel strong again. There were days that I couldn't even sit on the floor to play with my kids or give them a bath in the bathtub. I was spiraling, I did not feel great about myself. Even after the first day of coming in and meeting Coach Lauren and then Coach John, I was hooked. I love the group atmosphere but I fell in love with it because I love pushing myself and with CrossFit, I can continue to do that over and over again! I see growth in myself consistently and I love how that makes me feel. Now after 6 months I feel stronger than ever. I no longer have back pain through PT and CrossFit. Together training correctly and strengthening myself I am finally feeling like myself again.

What is your favorite lift/workout?

I would have to say my favorite lift would be either cleans or deadlift. It might be a close tie.

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