Alan Heft

#MemberCrushMonday: Alan Heft

Here is his story:

"My name is Alan Heft, a new member, along with my wife, Lisa. We are both members of the medical community. I am a nurse and have worked in critical care

(ICU for a short time, but mostly the emergency department) for many years. I have worked at Mayo Clinic for the last six years and have recently switched to solid organ transplant procurement.

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area (you’ll find me in an SF Giants cap often) but have lived here 16 doleful years. Yeah, sorry…would prefer to live elsewhere, near the ocean. The upside of having moved to Phoenix is that I met Lisa, had a daughter [Moli, who is a CrossFit kid!] and acquired a stepdaughter.

Lisa and I have been members close to three months. Both of us were previously fit and athletic. I was an endurance cyclist, training for (up to 400 miles a week) and participating in 100 and 200-mile bicycle rides. My fitness was so great that I once rode a 206-mile event that included multiple mountain climbs and then flew to Phoenix the next day to drive to the Havasupai trailhead and hike with a fully loaded backpack the 10 miles down to the campground. If I attempted that today, I would collapse after the first 30 miles on the bike.

Chuckwalla was introduced to us through another member, a friend of Lisa’s. We had been looking for a way to spend more time together as well as get back into shape. She likes to hike; my ankles are weak. I love tennis (even with ankle issues); she has no interest. She likes to run; I run only when being chased. Neither of us like gyms. CrossFit? Forget it. CrossFit is for animals, elite athletes! But…if Lisa wants to try it, how can I say no?

Nearly three months later, I have lost 19 pounds (thanks, Shred Challenge) and am getting stronger every week…just got a PR in deadlift yesterday, 185 pounds...don’t laugh! And that, actually, is one of the many positives about Chuckwalla, the fact that I can come in a weakling and not have to worry about ridicule. The community, the support, the kindness of everyone is very encouraging.

I do not like any of the lifts. I hate them all, especially the ones with squats; but I love the reward from doing them. I love being there with Lisa and watching her struggle and overcome. I truly believe doing the workouts together, suffering together, overcoming together has brought us together. We know what the other has been through when we commiserate (like, “If I find out who wrote the Filthy 50 workout…!) And seeing her get fit, looking better and better, reminds me that I, too, am getting fitter (maybe not better looking though!)"

#ChuckwallaStrong #ChuckwallaFitnessCommunity #EveryoneHasAPlace

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