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#MemberCrushMonday: Asa Holly

Here is his story:

Hello all!! I've been at Chuckwalla for a year and a few months at this point and it's been a fantastamagical time. 

Outside of Chuckwalla I'm a hospital chaplain which is emotionally draining for an introvert like me. Working out/running has always been an active form of my meditation as I process all my feels. You may notice where there are days I'm outgoing and days where I'm kind of off to myself... it's not you, it's me, and just the emotional space I'm in. Working out keeps me going, plus I like being competitive, and this form offers that in a fun playful way. Everyone is super nice about offering help to be more efficient in a movement, getting onto me about my form, and just wanting everyone to succeed - it's neat to be a part of that. 

I love the variety of the workouts and the fact that I don't personally have to plan them. I got my first ring muscle up in January - which was awesome, and I'm continuing to work on those and other gymnastics skills like handstands. The functional fitness compliments my endurance training as a triathlete training for my first half Iron Man this fall. 

Chuckwalla has giving me a great community of people who care. I don't think I really understood what that meant till the gym closed because of COVID. Just prior to that I was dealing with some mental health issues, the gym and y'all were basically how I was surviving. Literally going home that last day from the gym I got highly anxious when I realized I wouldn't have that. Thankfully, it all turned out fine and I got back into some healthy rhythms in life that helped me cope.  Plus our leadership stepping up and adapting to support and maintain the community through that was spectacular and amazing. (Thank y'all so much) 

I think of going to Chuckwalla as play time or... I recess. It can be difficult to take time to play with work and other things going on. So it is about being intentional and recognize how important it is for my mental, emotional, spiritual, and of course physical health. 

Love y'all!!!

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You can also view his original feature from just over a year ago, HERE.

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