Aubrey Jacobs

#MemberCrushMonday: Aubrey Jacobs

Here is her story...

"I am a long-time Central Phoenix resident, wife of hunky Chuckwalla member Sam, and mom of a 7th grader and a Sunnyslope freshman. Since Sam is a football coach and both of our kids are athletes, we spend a lot of time in bleachers cheering for the Vikings. Our son is also a budding rock star, so you can occasionally find us in a bar in Old Town at 2pm, listening to kids cover AC/DC songs 😁

I grew up here, riding and showing Arabian horses. We had dogs, cats, goats and horses as a kid, and I am trying to re-create some of that life with my big dog and chickens. I love 90s hip hop and do more (bad) dancing in my kitchen than cooking.

Professionally, I am a real estate agent. I love to help people through the process of buying or selling a home. It is an honor to lend my experience and guidance in order to bring peace of mind and joy to what can sometimes be a stressful process.

I love working out at Chuckwalla! While I’ve always tried to be fit, I’m intimidated by the people and equipment in the 'weights section' of large gyms, so I've avoided them my whole life. It’s been incredible to feel like I belong and to get individualized coaching at Chuckwalla. And it’s been surprisingly fun to learn a whole new set of skills and watch myself get stronger. Making progress in this area while so much was going sideways in 2020 was one of the year’s most redeeming qualities. The mental health benefits to me over the past several months cannot be overstated; lifting heavy things to keep the anxiety at bay is an integral part of my self care!

I feel like I am well constructed to squat, so that’s probably my favorite lift. But I get pretty excited when there’s a nice jump rope break in the WOD!"




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