Ben Filuk

#MemberCrushMonday: Ben Filuk

This week we're checking back in with Ben because it's been a while since we last featured him! Here is his story: How long have you been at Chuckwalla Fitness? A little over two years now. What got you started and why do you keep showing up? My wife, Madison, started Crossfit a year before me and kept telling me about how great it was. The community and great coaches make it easy to show up, especially when I’m not feeling it. How do you apply your fitness/what you learn through fitness to your life outside of our box? I do a lot of hiking and mountain biking which was the reason I started CrossFit to stay in shape. What is your favorite lift/exercise? My favorite lift would be the snatch. It’s an odd movement and really frustrating especially when your body isn’t cooperating.

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