Bree Zupet

#MemberCrushMonday: Bree Zupet

Here is her story:

Hey, I'm Bree. I've been with Chuckwalla for a little over a year now. They have free childcare so naturally I showed up. Haha jk. I grew up playing sports so I enjoy the athletcism within the workouts. Outside of the gym I wear a few different hats: wife, mom, hair stylist, amateur baker, reader, tv/movie/music/ lover, beer drinker and currently working on my bachelors degree in health science with a dream of becoming a Physician's Assistant. Surprisingly I'm super introverted and I really dislike peanut butter and the color red. My favorite lift is the Snatch. It's truly the most complicated. Maybe I emotionally resonate with it... My current fitness goal is just to show up and have a good attitude (under promise-over achieve.) Namely I am the Underachiever- a title I've worked hard to maintain. A quote I try to remember.. 'Every rep counts.' Sometimes when I feel like there's no way I can do one more rep I remember that even one more makes me that much better.




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