Brett Peterson

#MemberCrushMonday: Brett Peterson

Hey there! My name is Brett. I’m relatively new to CrossFit, I’ve been here at Chuckwalla for about 5 weeks and am still trying not to die after every workout. I’m recently married to my beautiful wife Jessica. Jess is the one who convinced me to finally join CrossFit! After months of trying to knock some sense into me it worked. We joined and a day later it turns out she’s pregnant! Now I get abs and she gets a belly for a second time! Pre lockdown days, we spent a lot of time fully renovating our townhouse, planning our honeymoon and spending Sunday’s at church. Amid the pandemic we try to stay out of the heat as much as possible but our toddler sometimes connives us to enjoy the great outdoors up north. You’ll find us camping, kayaking, or shooting. Most of you probably would never have guessed that I had brain surgery when I was 4. Although I did mostly recover, I do have minor coordination issues. I chose Chuckwalla to continue building upon years of work trying to improve myself. Favorite lift, hip thrust for sure. Although it’s a bit awkward, It’s a great way to add numbers to your squat and deadlift. I’m currently working from home most days so I don’t have a set class time...yet. Hope to meet you all one day! You can follow Brett at: @bigbootybrett or Jessica at: @jessspetersonn117

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