Brian Adams

#MemberCrushMonday: Brian Adams

We want to welcome back Brian, one of our "original" members who is back after a hiatus.

Here is his story:

Hello, I’m Brian. I have a son, wife and 3 dogs. We named our dogs Nash, Booker, and Monty because the Suns are way too important to me. I work at GCU, coach high school basketball, and was actually one of the first people to join Chuckwalla (I’m pretty sure). I grew up playing different sports, but never really “lifted” as it were. So when my wife and I initially joined, it was great! We loved it. The community was fantastic and we even held an adoption fund raiser at Chuckwalla for our now son, Sammy. We left Chuckwalla a few years because we moved and jobs and such. However, a few months ago, I stepped on the scale, it was horrifying. So I messaged John and he said there was still a spot for me at Chuckwalla.

Working out by yourself is just boring. I’m an introvert, but there is something about doing something (like exercise) with a group. It brings out a little competitiveness and you’re all going through it together. It’s been a lot of fun getting back around the community and seeing all the new faces since I was last there.

My “favorite” lift its probably the back squat, or any squat variation. I’m old and fat, so my knees are shot. But the squat has helped me a ton with just running around with my son or coaching basketball. The clean is also fun because it’s a skill as much as it is strength. My least favorite is the deadlift because I have this fear my spine is going to explode out of my back if I do something wrong.

Well, that’s about all for me. Oh wait, I also started smoking meat a few months ago (part of the midlife crisis I suppose). I got an offset smoker with real wood and the whole thing. It’s very fun. I was even able to make some pork and ribs for one of the Chuckwalla events a while ago. So, hopefully ya’ll liked the food.

If you like food pics, @coachbadams on IG.

#ChuckwallaStrong #ChuckwallaFitnessCommunity #EveryoneHasAPlace

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