Briya Leung

#MemberCrushMonday: Briya Leung

Here is her story:

"I took a big leap of faith and packed up all my things and said goodbye to all my friends and drove from Santa Cruz, California to Phoenix, on January 4th. It was just me, my dog Bluey, and as many of my favorite things, as I could jam into my car. I stayed at an Air B&B while I looked for a home. I did not leave my air B&B for the first 24 hours – I couldn’t bare to get in my car after all the hours on the road the day before. My next stop was Chuckwalla! The closest locally owned, small gym with zero mirrors.

I remember how nervous I was about starting up CrossFit again, I could barely find the front door. I tentatively signed up for the two-week trial, then the 30 day and now I am hooked!! I did CrossFit in 2007 to about 2009, while I was also running two to three times a week and doing roller derby. I broke my left leg in two places at practice in July 2007 and that ended my roller-skating aspirations but started my love of all things derby, producing events and building community. I was back at the gym (on crutches) two weeks after I broke my leg. CrossFit kept me fit and sane while I healed my leg (and my ego) and watched everyone skate and get better at skating than me.

I have 3 goals every time I show up at the gym: don’t cry, don’t die and don’t leave before class is over. Just kidding – mostly I am hoping I don’t make a complete fool of myself. I have been known to wear my clothes inside out or backwards so if you see this, please tell me. I am really enjoying CrossFit and I am already starting to see improvements. Plus, I am making friends and connections, which I really need and want in my life.

I am slowly building my lash business back up - I am a licensed esthetician and my favorite service to provide is lash extensions. I also work part-time remotely for a start up in Santa Cruz. I live with my sweet adorable, Frenchie named “Bluey” – who is perfect at home but a menace on the streets. Have you ever heard a French Bulldog scream? She is good with humans but not other dogs.

My favorite lift? Well, maybe the deadlift or back squat, but it is probably the dead lift if really think about it. I wonder which lift would help my twerking skills the most. Ha! 😉"




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