Chris Glasser

#MemberCrushMonday: Chris Glasser

Here is his story:

"Our family moved to Phoenix in Oct 2017 after ten 10 years active duty Army. I grew up a military kid as well and never really had a hometown. My wife, having grown up in Phoenix, was ready to settle down closer to family. When we first were moving back, I visited Chuckwalla for a week and told John I'd be back if we moved back to this area. I don't think John believed I'd actually follow through, but after 3 years in Phoenix, we bought a house in Central Phoenix last December and moved close enough to join.

Better work/life balance was one of the main reasons I left active duty, and I've definitely achieved that in the past couple years. I'm currently a federal employee with the Dept of the Treasury, a job which thankfully allows me to work from home. Sports and fitness have always been part of my life and I'm still in the Reserves so staying fit is both necessary and important to me. When I'm not working out, I'm playing sports with my two girls (7 and 9), coaching them, or doing anything else outdoors. They're also the reason I show up. I never want to be that dad that can't keep up with my kids.

Why Chuckwalla? Because I love competition. I could do the same workouts at my home gym but the competition pushes me to go further, especially on those days where even preworkout can't get you motivated.

Favorite Lift? Deadlift

Least Favorite? Thrusters




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