Chuckwalla Fitness is Born

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Dear Chuckwalla Family,

It goes without saying that the past few months have been a very difficult time in our world and country which has directly impacted us as a gym family. Yet, we feel that these trials have brought us closer and more unified than ever before. We want to let you all know from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are to have the honor and privilege to call you all family. We are a family made of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, professions, and personalities. Nonetheless, we have become unified through our blood, sweat and tears in this little gym we call Chuckwalla.

In the most recent events involving comments made from CrossFit, Inc. owner and founder, Greg Glassman (read story here), along with many unfavorable changes within CrossFit HQ over the past few years, and the lack of support affiliate owners have received, we have finally decided to de-affiliate from CrossFit® as a brand. As you can imagine, this all has been very overwhelming in making the right decision. So thank you for your trust in us and your support during some very hard and confusing times. 

New Name, Same Chuckwalla: “Chuckwalla Fitness” is Born

Obviously, the impact of CrossFit® on our local community is deep. For us as a business, as coaches, and as athletes, CrossFit® has been part of our identity over the last 5 years. Our lives have been changed, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our brand was created and has grown all through CrossFit®. However, we believe that the Chuckwalla brand and community is just as strong on its own. If anything, we will be stronger through our new identity (our true identity) unshadowed by the CrossFit® brand. It will take work, but in the long run this has been the dream and vision of Chuckwalla all along. Minus the name “CrossFit,” our classes and training methodology (now called “Functional Fit”) will look the same. More importantly, our culture will look the same. We are a place for everyone; from the competitive athlete, to the postpartum mom, to those that just want nice friends to workout and hangout with. It is the community that makes Chuckwalla what it is, and regardless of our name we will continue to grow stronger while becoming the best version of ourselves. 

As a business, we do ask for your patience in the coming weeks as we begin the de-affiliating process. We have a number of elements to address as we uncouple our ties to CrossFit® and build out our own branding. There will be further updates as we get these things in place.

Thank you for all of your amazing love and support during this time. 

Sincerely yours,

John Hazdovac, Lauren Koemans, & The Chuckwalla Team 

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