Updated: May 1, 2020

4/29/20 5 pm

The Stay At Home Order is extended until May 15 and the economy gradually begins to open.

Thursday Governor Ducey said, “Physical distancing is working. We’re slowing the spread. We’ve made significant progress & can’t let up. That’s why I'm extending AZ's Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Order until May 15.“⁣


While that means our physical doors are still temporarily closed, what stood out to me is the call to not let up. Not only did we (Arizonians) work hard to get this progress against the virus through physical distancing, but we (Chuckwalla CrossFit) put our effort into shifting to a virtual platform and continuing to grow stronger as a community. ⁣


Don’t let up. We can do what it takes.

We have all sacrificed for the sake of public health. The statewide closures and social distancing have made a difference! We eagerly awaited Governor Ducey’s press conference today, hopeful that businesses like ours would be allowed to take responsible steps to re-open. Instead, the Stay Home order was extended to May 15th, but that extension came with hope! Because of the progress made in these last 30 days, there is a real opportunity for May to be dramatically different than March or April! 

Governor Ducey plans to continue to protect public health and the progress Arizona has earned. There are good trends but he says we need a little more data and information to fully re-open businesses, and he thinks we are within a week or two of it. As early as next week, he will begin a gradual plan to re-open the economy. Most immediately they are working with the dine-in restaurants, but there will be on-going announcements as data informs decisions. That obligates Chuckwalla CrossFit to continue to follow the executive closure order for now. We are holding onto his cautiously optimistic hope that there will be re-opening still coming in May! As always, we will continue to communicate with you and we will continue to adapt with you! We are making plans to prepare for an upcoming re-opening and should know more by May 15th. Your support makes all of this possible.

In CrossFit, we prepare for the unknown, and now we are entering it. We are eager to show you how our community will get through this and come out stronger.

  • LIVE WORKOUTS: Monday - Friday we will have 3 live classes a day that members can access via ZOOM. Stay (virtually) connected to the people you were used to seeing regularly, and experience the education and inspiration of our coaches.

  • HOME WORKOUT PROGRAMMING! 4 options: 1) "Chuckwalla Anywhere" (these are also our live classes) 2) "Quick Fit" (Mon - Fri only) 3) "Strength" for use with barbells and 4) "StrongMoms (M/W/F only) 10 minute workouts. Use the Wodify app to access the programming, sign in to a class, and record your scores! Check out the leaderboards and comment away! We will still be tracking consistency, commitment, and leaderboards! Please let us know if you need help setting up the app. Anyone can view our home workouts via our social media channels as well!

  • TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: $29 for a 2-week trial membership (excludes equipment rental)

  • EQUIPMENT CHECK OUT: A lot can be done at home with little to no equipment, and we will always have a programming option for no equipment. But we do have equipment available for MEMBERS to check out!

  • In addition to the live workouts you can join on Zoom, we will also publish daily videos to explain the workouts, on our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, so make sure to follow and subscribe! Use those platforms to stay connected with the #ChuckwallaAnywhere hashtag as well! 👍

Links & Resources:​

  • Recommended home gym equipment

  • Recommended Apps

  • Support & Counsel: Kineo Center (member Jeff Skeens)

  • Health Coach: Your Healthy Mindset by Dana

See you in the virtual world!! 💻

We are going to get through this.

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