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#MemberCrushMonday: Erin Jaco

Here is her story:

I currently am a RN registered nurse on the medical psych unit at Valleywise Health main hospital. I have devoted my last 11 years as a nurse in a variety of settings and roles. Prior to being a nurse I earned my Bachelors degree in psychology 2007 and began my journey in the mental health field. I also have credentials for Botox and dermal fillers.

For play, if I’m not working -which I work a lot - I love spending my time with my fiancé Frank and my two sons Troy and Trent. You will often find me at the gym with my “mini-me” Trent every chance I get. My youngest Trent loves to come workout and lift with me and I love it! If we can’t make it into the gym we sometimes hit a few sets of weights at home. I also love spending my free time playing baseball and am a football mom supporting my two little men. We love to take mini trips to Flagstaff, Colorado and California snowboarding, fishing and just playing in the water.

A couple of things that would surprise others about me: if I wasn't a nurse already I think I’d be a firefighter. I also played a year of college golf and played a couple years of roller derby with the Renegades of Phoenix.

I first started CrossFit in spring of 2008 with a personal trainer after I had my 2nd son. This was before “boxes” were ever a thing and I honestly didn’t even know what “CrossFit” was really at the time but it definitely got me back into shape which was my goal. Then in 2013 after my divorce and a couple years of not working out I joined Back Alley CrossFit which is where I met John and Ashley. I still remember meeting them and working out alongside them. I always thought they were genuinely honest and good people. Last October I bought a house on the other side of Central and that was when I decided I was going to make Chuckwalla my new home gym and I finally became a member June 2021. I didn’t choose it just because it was close but I knew it would be filled with great people and great energy. I also like that it’s small and that the focus on the members and not up selling, extra charging, or out lifting each other constantly. It’s a warm supportive environment.

Chuckwalla will help me stay strong for life because it is a community in itself, it is supportive, it has great programming, it’s convenient and affordable. Also there are options for open gym time, barbell club and most importantly I can bring my sons.

One of my favorite workouts off the top of my head is probably Diane. Once I get my shoulder rehabbed I’ll be back rocking the handstand push-ups. I once did this workout in 3 min 47 seconds. It was crazy."

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