Erin Tansey

#MemberCrushMonday: Erin Tansey

What do you do with your time, for work, play, etc? I am a pediatric ICU nurse, and I absolutely love my job. Working with children is something I’ve always been passionate about and this is truly my dream job. In my free time I do yoga. I also love trying new restaurants and I try to travel as much as possible. What is something about you that would surprise us? A fun fact about me is that I went to high school in Germany, and yes I do speak German, though I never really get to practice it anymore in Arizona. How do you make a difference in the community? As a nurse I love that I am able to make connections with many people in the community. I love the opportunities for educating my patients and their families. Why do you choose to workout at Chuckwalla? I started working out at Chuckwalla in May when Alyssa dragged me in. Previously I did a lot of HIIT workout style classes and when I mentioned to Alyssa I wanted to try lifting heavier she brought my to a class with her and I was hooked. I had no idea what I was doing, as I had never lifted weights before so I did some intro classes with Cy and was so amazed at the results I started seeing. I continue to workout at Chuckwalla because I love the community and the workouts. How does Chuckwalla help you be strong for life? I love the classes and knowing I’m going to get a killer workout every time I show up. All the coaches are so great at helping scale everything and I’ve already seen such a huge growth in myself. What is your favorite lift/workout? My favorite lift is back squat, but really any leg day!

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