Greta Hanson

#MemberCrushMonday: Greta Hanson

Here is her story:

"I’m a Phoenix native. My life is very simple at the moment. Lately I’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time with friends and family and able to be active every day. When I have downtime at home I like doing culinary experimentation, noodling around on the piano or working on my millionth playthrough of Bloodborne.

I am pretty new to fitness, only been going at it for a little over a year. A few years ago I never imagined that I would be where I am now. I have so much more growing to do, but now after having made such a significant change and seeing that I can get real results from persistent effort (and and anddd have fun doing it!), that’s a prospect that I find exciting rather than intimidating. This is sort of the first time that I’ve ever had something I wanted to work hard at every day and it has changed my outlook and self-belief for the better. As a healthier and fitter person than I used to be, I’m now also a much more positive, confident, and resilient person who has more to give to others.

My friend Chris started bringing me to the community workouts last year and I finally(!) joined as a member proper in February. Being at Chuckwalla and having effective coaching and programming is helping me progress faster than ever and introducing me to new skills. The social aspect has become really important to me too! It's been great having time every day to be around the friendly, supportive, and hard-working people in the Chuckwalla community.

In the gym, I love doing box jumps and burpees, any lower body-centric agility type stuff. Barbell is totally new to me and my favorites are clean and front squat. Never did cleans before coming to Chuckwalla. Such a satisfying lift! I’m looking forward to getting the proper form down on that one. I keep forgetting step one - check my ego at the door and not load the bar as heavy as I think I can get away with 😅"




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