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#MemberCrushMonday: Jamie Johnson

Here is her story:

"My husband, Pierce, and I moved to Phoenix when our daughter (Kenley) was 3 weeks old, she is now 4.5. Since then we have added another kiddo to the Johnson brood and Kenley now has a brother (Kai) who will be 2 next month. Time has flown! I stay at home with the kids which means I am a “teacher,” “chef” (I use that term VERY loosely!), kisser of boo boos, and wiper of bottoms extraordinaire. Chuckwalla is truly the place I look forward to going to spend an hour to myself. I get to work out, but I also get time to have conversations with some amazing adults! When we moved here I really didn’t know many people and Chuckwalla has been a large part of my social pipeline! I have met so many wonderful people (coaches included!) and other mothers who have given me great tips on where to go in Phoenix and helpful child raising advice. We love to travel (though that has slowed down in the current COVID times) and what I notice when I’m gone is how much I really miss Chuckwalla: the people, the workouts, and the park playdates we often do!

Workouts (specifically Crossfit type workouts) have definitely changed for me after becoming a mom. First of all, I never thought I would be able to do Crossfit again because of trying to find childcare so that I could actually workout without trying to manage kiddos while breathing hard. I was so happy to discover Chuckwalla has childcare! That said, now that I have been able to Crossfit again, it is different in that I am working to be fitter and healthier but have to find that balance of not pushing too hard because (as coach Lauren wisely reminded me when I returned to the gym after baby number two) I have to go on to be able to physically parent two active kiddos the rest of the day! And that requires not only copious amounts of energy, but I have to be much more aware of the possibility of injury and work harder to mitigate that risk as best I can. So now Crossfit is about pushing, but not completely to my limits. Gains seem to come more slowly for me these days, but just being able to work out for both my physical and mental health is the main goal. I am so thankful for our time here in Phoenix and for having discovered Chuckwalla!"




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