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#MemberCrushMonday: Jill Suarez

Hi All ! I’m Jill, married to my handsome husband, Anthony. We have 3 awesome boys ages 11, 8, & 6, and a Schnauzer named Loui.  I love doing anything outside especially hiking when it’s not a 1000 degrees out. I grew up in Prescott but have been in the valley since high school. I still miss the mountains, cooler weather and small town life.

I’m a teacher at a small charter school our boys also attend. My job is actually very similar to CrossFit in that it’s something I love doing so much but at the same time is so freaking hard and so rewarding! Pre-Rona we stayed pretty busy hanging with friends & our awesome community from church, helping mentor students through Cultivate Coffee, & serving the community around us. We’re still trying to do all those things it just looks a little different now. 

I honestly hadn’t really been interested in trying CrossFit before, even though Anthony would rave about it. I think I had some pre-conceived idea that I wouldn’t like it. So when Anthony decided to join Chuckwalla I think I realized I just needed to do something and make a change! I have psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disease, so I feel much better when I’m consistently working out & lifting. So far what I have super enjoyed about Chuckwalla is the accountability & encouragement from the same crew, (8 a.m. shout out), pushing myself to do more weight than I think I can, and loving the feeling that I’m doing something that is so good for my body not only physically but mentally. Also a big bonus is me & my husband get to do it together! Second I have appreciated the support, encouragement & coaching I’ve had from John & Lauren. I love how much they love people and love what they do. They have been such a blessing!

Thanks guys for making us feel welcome! My favorite thing to do is pretty much anything involving lifting weights. I think I’ll be ecstatic when I can finally do a power clean the proper way & stop bruising my shoulder.  My nemesis is Wall Balls! Hopefully someday I’ll love them! 

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