Marni Guerrero

#MemberCrushMonday: Marni Guerrero

Here is her story:

What do you do with your time, for work, play, etc?

For work, I am an immigration judge. I work in a detained setting, which means I hear cases from inside of an immigration detention center. It is my responsibility to decide whether or not an individual can remain in the United States under current immigration law. For pleasure, I am an avid adventurer. I love to travel, spend time with my best buddy - my 9 yr old rescue pitbull, Chubasco, and I am a crazy cacti/plant lady.

What is something about you that would surprise us?

I love a good physical challenge to test my mental fortitude. I have climbed two of the seven highest summits on each continent, Aconcagua in South America and Kilimanjaro in Africa. Both were amazing experiences.

How do you make a difference in the community?

I am a huge animal lover and advocate and volunteer the AAWL animal shelter. I am also a member of legal organizations that help advance a cause really important to me – advancing more Latinas to become state and federal judges.

Why do you choose to workout at Chuckwalla?

I grew up in AZ but moved to Los Angeles for work about 2 years ago. I moved back to AZ last September and was working out at Orangetheory until the pandemic hit. For about 6 months, I did my own workouts at home and outside but missed the challenge of pushing myself and trying new things. I looked up Chuckwalla and liked that they had a HIIT type class at 5:00 am which worked with my schedule so I gave it a try for two weeks. What keeps me coming back every day now is the great coaching staff and the supportive community they foster. The coaches meet you where you are, don’t judge but always encourage and make sure you are improving in form and strength in a non-intrusive way.

How does Chuckwalla help you be strong for life?

There is no better feeling than walking out of a Quickfit and a Functional Fit class by 6:30 a.m. ready to start my day – it makes me feel physically and mentally strong and ready to tackle anything.

What is your favorite lift/workout? What are your current fitness goals?

This may sound strange, but I love wall balls! They are such a mental mind game – I love that you can always try to go faster, higher, use a ball with more weight. Current fitness goals – I turned 45 this year and wanted to have an Ironman under my belt this year around the sun. The pandemic hit, so that is on hold but I am coming for you Ironman 2021!

Any favorite sayings /motivational quotes?

Here’s to making the years count, not counting the years!

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