Mask Up Phx

Phoenix is masking up, starting Saturday 6/20/20 at 6 am!

Here are the guidelines:

In short, this is what the guidelines say:

  • Cover your mouth & nose when around other people and physical distancing is not possible

  • There are exceptions for mask-wearing (see link) and children under 6 do not need to wear masks

  • No masks when exercising outdoors (use physical distancing)

  • When indoors and exercising use physical distancing

Therefore at Chuckwalla...

  • Coaches will wear masks when possible

  • Members can wear masks when entering/leaving the gym

  • Child care staff will wear masks

  • Kids program will continue to use physical distancing/grouping by family/social circle in order to reduce need for masks.

  • Parents waiting during the kids program can wear masks

As always, continue to wash your hands, sanitize equipment, and stay home when sick. We appreciate the effort you guys have put into this!

(You can view the other precautions we are taking for covid HERE)

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