Matt Morelli

#MemberCrushMonday: Matt Morelli

Here is his story:

"Hi there, I’m Matt! I like pina coladas and getting’ caught in the rain. Kidding! But it is a catchy song. Now that all the Gen Xers out there are singing along, here’s my story. I moved to the Valley of the Sun in 2014 for my job and to get out of the cold Michigan winters. I’ve worked for Best Western Hotels and Resorts Worldwide for 9-years and was recently promoted to Manager, Regional Service where I work with a great team of individuals overseeing 8 States. It’s a fun and challenging job, which means I’m a loyal member of the 6:30am class. Many people know that I’ve spent my career in hospitality but what may surprise you is that I also worked in Patient Services at the University of Michigan’s Trauma Burn Unit and did body removals for a funeral home.

I love the outdoors, especially, hiking, backpacking, camping and kayaking. Some of my most favorite hikes have been Angels Landing in Zion National Park and to the summit of Mt. Humphrey’s in Flagstaff. My backpacking trip with my brother in the fall last year to the Porcupine Mountains was also spectacular. Some of my hiking goals for this year are to hike a 14er in Colorado and backpacking in the Smokey Mountains. Since starting at Chuckwalla 3-months ago, I’ve seen not only my strength improve but also my hiking.

Faith, Family, Fitness and Service are my core values and I believe these must be in balance to prosper and stay healthy. I enjoy volunteering at St. Mary’s Foodbank and studying scripture. My health journey started in 2019 when I educated myself on proper nutrition, reading food labels and reducing the amount of carbohydrates and sugar I consumed. This life style change gave me more energy and resulted in losing 23Ibs. It was in the beginning of 2021 that I continued my journey and decided to join Chuckwalla. I love the family atmosphere and the support everyone provides. I’ve been amazed at my progress and I’m thankful for the words spoken to me by coach John on my 1st day, 'Just Show Up!' Truer words have never been spoken! Some of my favorite lifts are the Front Squat, Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Chuckwalla makes me strong for LIFE! I gain both physical strength and mental strength, which helps me prepare for this journey called life."

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