Nevada Posa

#MemberCrushMonday: Nevada Posa

Here is his story:

I'm a very adventurous person and I will probably say yes to just about any challenge or journey ahead! I love to stay active in different ways such as hiking, mountain biking, crossfit, wrestling, HITT training, you name it, I'll try it. The harder the better. I love to take on things that are difficult just to see where I compare. I work as an operations manager for an short-term rental/airbnb business called TuckedIn, I bartend on the weekends at Boondocks in old town Scottsdale, I have my own handyman/woodworking business and I'm partners in a clothing brand called Stay Unusual! When I'm not busy with all that, I enjoy playing golf, shooting, just about anything outside and being around the people who mean most to me.

My life time goal in life is to help people.. Seeing a smile on someone's face that I help put there is the greatest joy that could come to me. That is why I started my clothing brand with one of my best friends and now brothers. We want to bring fearless love back to people just by having that confidence in being their unique self!

To me Chuckwalla is a great community of like minded people that love to push themselves to the point they didn't really think they could get to. Its contagious to be around and it's such a refreshing feeling. My favorite part about going there is knowing I'm going to have a hard workout, the harder the better!

#ChuckwallaStrong #EveryoneHasAPlace #ChuckwallaFitnessCommunity

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