Rodney Coty

#MemberCrushMonday: Rodney Coty

This week we are crushin' on another founding member! Here is his story: "I'm 43 years old, but think I'm my son's age. I have 2 children, Zach (23) & Addisson (13). I'm married to my H.S. sweetheart Brooke. We've been together a total of 25 years. Originally from Buffalo, NY. I moved here my freshman year of high school and attended Sunnyslope. Brooke, Zach, and I all graduated from S.S.. Addison will be a freshman there next year. Sunnyslope and the area around the gym have been my old stomping grounds for MANY years. I remember when the gym used to be an old mechanic shop and we attended parties at a house 3 doors down called the "flop house." Zach was born when I was 20 years old. Attending college and working 3 jobs, money couldn't come quick enough. I spent my $1200 tax return on real estate school/licensing and the rest is history. I've been a full time Realtor the past 22 years. I love what I do. My wife runs her own practice Uptown Psychiatry in North Central Phx. My son is a commercial agent with R.O.I. properties. My family is always on the go! There's always something going on or somewhere we have to be. It's rare we're ever grounded. We travel anytime we have the chance. Love entertaining and hanging with close friends/family. We have an open door policy. Friends know you're always invited. Pool parties are a must during the summer. Eating good food is top priority for me. I collect wine and rare whiskey/bourbon. I have 2, 100+lb. Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Reddington & Dembe) and a 8lb. Chihuahua (Rocco)-my wife still claims she found him). I collect old school Hip Hop vinyl. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but have been to Niagara Falls more times than I can count. I've been doing crossfit for 8 years. It was always something I wanted to try. Chuckwalla has been home since it was a thought of John's (since the beginning). There were 4 of us in a car on our way to a race. We pried for 2 hours, but John finally caved and told us his plan of opening his own box. We all pitched our thoughts, he made it a reality. Pretty awesome! Crossfit is an amazing workout regime. I've never seen a workout program that can have such drastic results so quickly. For the new people, stick it out! The soreness does fade. The people you meet and the networking have been amazing! Never experienced such a tight community of people that will always have your back. Met some really great people throughout the years I now consider family. Also, regrouped with longtime friends from the past. I'd have to say my favorite lift is probably the overhead squat. Love the core aspect of it!" #ChuckwallaStrong #StrongForLife #EveryoneHasAPlace

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