Steve Yang

#MemberCrushMonday: Steve Yang

Here is his story:

"My name is Steve and I joined Chuckwalla about a month ago. I was born in China and moved to the States when I was 9. My dad’s side of the family was devastated during China’s Cultural Revolution and after spending 10 years in a labor camp for “re-education” he made a vow to escape the communist government at all cost. So his loss is my gain? I grew up in Philadelphia and went to college in Ohio. From there I went to medical school in DC and then residency in Baltimore. After residency I moved to AZ to start my career as an active duty general surgeon for the United States Public Health Service first serving in Winslow, AZ and this past year in Phoenix because Trump told me the virus couldn’t survive heat or bleach or UV rays.

One interesting thing about me is that I’ve dislocated my L shoulder probably 20-30 times and have had 2 surgical repairs on it. My R should is no good either. I'm a 2 shoulder gimp and any movement that requires shoulders is a big issue for me, that’s why I chose to do CF because I heard that there's rarely any shoulder use in the sport.

When I’m not working (not often) I’m most likely found sleeping or eating, sometimes both at the same time. But I do enjoy playing tennis and golf. Golf mostly for the drinks and cigars. I used to enjoy going out to movies but the theaters are kind of lame now so I’ve returned to my old passion of going to bars and playing trivia… mostly for the drinks… I travel any chance I can but the past year has been tough, hope things will return to normal soon.

Unfortunately the only thing I do for the community now is making sure I recycle but always looking for more opportunities to get involved.

I love working out at Chuckwalla because of how close and convenient it is for me and as I told John the other day, of the 3 CF gyms I’ve been a member of I like his programming the best. I love all the barbell movements and it just feels more like classic CF. No weird L sit movements thrown into the middle of a workout.

If it weren’t for Chuckwalla and CF in general I would have lost my battle with obesity and my addiction to Netflix (and Amazon and Hulu and Disney + and YouTube) a long time ago. Playing team sports growing up I was never a good self-motivator and the group dynamic at Chuckwalla is perfect for me. Having an active lifestyle gives me the energy I need for my job and those long OR days.

Also on the DL, I’ve visited several Phoenix gyms when I first moved here and Chuckwalla is by far the most welcome. I hope Chuckwalla never loses that kind of welcoming atmosphere."




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