Stuart Smeck

#MemberCrushMonday: Stuart Smeck! Get to know Stu..before he moves to Chicago!😔

Here is his story:

I went to high school right up the road at Brophy. In high school, I ran cross country, played lacrosse, and was an amateur boxer. I went to the University of Arizona for college (Bear down! 🐻) where I double majored in accounting and finance. While in college some fraternity brothers convinced me to play on the water polo team with them which was a big learning curve, but some of the most fun I've ever had. After graduating from college, I did a year of service back a Brophy which was amazing. I got to go on service trips, plan retreats, and coach soccer. While the fun trips were cut short by COVID, it was still an awesome experience. I'm now working for a startup company and will be leaving in a few weeks to start a new job in Chicago.

What do you do with your time, for work, play, etc?

I work at an aerial imaging startup Aerial Sphere, which I really enjoy. I love to go hunting and fishing with my friends and family. I also love to golf, read, and watch movies.

What is something about you that would surprise us?

I have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

How do you make a difference in the community?

I really like to take mission trips to Mexico, before COVID I did a mission trip every three months or so.

Why do you choose to workout at Chuckwalla? 

I love the local feel of Chuckwalla, just a bunch of good folks from the community coming together to get fit. It's also a really intimate space that makes you feel like the whole class is in it together. 

How does Chuckwalla help you be strong for life?

I really love the coaches at Chuckwalla who make sure you're lifting right so you're feeling right. I also love the constant variations in workouts. It makes me feel balanced in my fitness. The functional movements help me feel great on a daily basis.

What is your favorite lift/workout?

I like anything with dumbbells, strick pull-ups, and box jumps.

What social media account(s) should I tag?

Not a social media guy. (Bravo Stu!!)

"I will be leaving Phoenix in the next couple weeks, but have loved all my time with everyone at the box!"




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