The Danahers

#MemberCrushMonday: The Danahers

This week are are re-visiting a previous Member Crush by featuring one of our power couples - Josh & Mindy Danaher!

How long have you been at Chuckwalla? Josh: I’ve been going to Chuckwalla for three years now. I first came because I told Mindy that I was sure my boot camp at my workplace was harder. I did a week-long trial at Chuckwalla... needless to say it was much harder than I thought it would be. Mindy: I joined shortly after Chuckwalla opened 4.5 years ago. I've tried other gym and workout programs in the past, but Chuckwalla is the only place I have consistently felt like I've seen growth and I've actually enjoyed the work of staying fit.

How has Chuckwalla impacted your life? Josh: It has consistently challenged me and that’s a big part of why I keep coming back. I love the variety in programming and the people with whom I workout. All levels of fitness, and everyone is pushing each other to be stronger. Being at Chuckwalla has helped me to be a more consistent person and this has translated to dealing with other stressors in my life as well. I am very grateful to have such a welcoming and encouraging place to get stronger. Mindy: Working out has become a necessity for me both mentally and physically. I tell people that I'm a better mom, wife and human *because* I workout my issues at the gym--it helps me handle other areas of my life with greater patience and endurance. I have stayed at Chuckwalla because I love the people and the positive, competitive energy to improve my strength and endurance. I've been through two pregnancies and postpartum seasons here and I'm so thankful for Lauren and her guidance in this process! What do you do outside of the gym? Mindy: We have four boys ages 8, 6, 3, and 8 months. I homeschool our boys and work part-time as a nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital. Josh teaches at GCU and is the chair of the Communication Department. We love to be outside together hiking, swimming, or playing basketball/baseball with the boys. We love to read-- Josh and I are always working on a book together (currently: Beyond Boundaries and The 4th Turning) and we love to read as a family (currently: LOTR trilogy and Pilgrims Progress). We are ametur DIYers and are in the process of trying to remodel our 70 year old home we bought last year.

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