Tierney Chesser

#MemberCrushMonday: Tierney Chesser (@tyranny23)

What do you do with your time, for work, play, etc?

I am a Dental hygienist for a small practice in Prescott Valley. I also have my own side hustle as a tattoo artist at a local downtown Phoenix shop! My tattoo artist name on social media is Rhea Riot tattooer. (Rhea pronounced ‘ray’ is my middle name!) I specialize in Traditional style as well as black work! Check out my page and I appreciate any follows and shares! @rhea_riot

What is something about you that would surprise us?

In addition to working all the time I actually also play roller derby for the Arizona Derby Dames which is Arizona’s only banked track league! I am a Coffin Dragger. You can follow my team, or the league on all social medias! We have several games on YouTube if youd like to check us out and hopefully we will resume attend able games in the near future. My derby team is @coffindraggersazdd and my league is @arizonaderbydames.

Why do you choose to workout at Chuckwalla?

You guys are so close to my home and I really like your early am and weekend classes!

How does Chuckwalla help you be strong for life?

I like the community aspect a lot! Physical growth and personal growth are essential to human development and I think you guys are actively seeking those goals for our neighborhood!

What is your favorite lift/workout?

Honestly its been a while (thanks COVID) since I've been consistent with physical fitness, so I'm still pretty much in the trauma phase! But I'm excited to relearn and get stronger!

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