Tom Killingsworth

Once again we are taking our #MemberCrushMonday back to an OG this week we are crushing on one of our 5:30am-ers, Tom Killingsworth.

Here is his story:

"I am thrilled to accept your nomination as Chuckwalla Member Crush for the week of Nov 15 – 21. It’s been a long hard climb to reach this goal with a few ups and downs and a pandemic along the way, but perseverance pays off.  I’d like to thank my fellow early morning crazies that inspire me with their awesomeness. You truly are the reason I continue to show up.

Tell us about yourself (family, hobbies, work, etc)

Some fun facts:

  • I met my wife on a softball field in Kuwait. We were both working there as contractors and I got roped into coaching a women’s softball team. So, for you singles out there…ya never know.

  • My son works in emergency management for a large FEMA contractor. He is currently posted in Sacramento overseeing wildfire relief – I am super proud of him.

  • I worked overseas for many years.  My last job overseas (2003-04) was in Salalah, Oman loading ships in support of the Gulf War.  Google map it – it’s an amazing place that no one has heard of. I visited Job’s tomb near there (yes, the Job from the Old Testament). Pretty cool.

  • I adopted a plant-based, basically vegan diet in February this year. I am happy I made the change.

  • My wife and I are currently building a teardrop camper from a kit. (see pics) So far, so good – we are still married.

What got you started and why do you keep showing up?

I got started at a different gym in the valley, because I would always notice this sign on Shea Blvd in front of a church advertising CrossFit. I thought it was a clever way of asking if you were “fit for the cross”, which of course I had to investigate and find out.

I keep showing up because of the people and the relationships I’ve built over the past few years.

How do you stay motivated or disciplined?

I just want to stay fit as long as I can. I really like that the workouts are different everyday and there’s a group of people all working out together. I am not that disciplined if I had to work out alone.

What is one of your favorite motivational quotes?

“Don’t be afraid to fail in public” – Jack Dorsey

I love this because in order to grow or change something in your life, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

What are your current fitness goals?

Show up 3 to 4 times a week and not get injured. That’s it.

What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of?

Showing up 3 to 4 times a week last year without injury. Which earned me a spot in the top 3 (I think) for attendance. Yup, that’s it. (Congrats Tom!! 👏 Consitency is key!)

What is your advice for a new Crossfitter or someone trying to get back into shape?

Show up, learn good form, and practice good form.  AND, introduce yourself to someone you have not met - especially new people."




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