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Hello everyone!

My name is Antonio (Tony) De la Torre and I'm a Health Insurance Specialist and a traveler by heart.

I work with many hospitals and clinics around the city, and we help people find the resources they need. I'm also a couchsurfer so I love meeting people that are traveling to PHX and either host or give them a tour of the city and surroundings and share tips about budget traveling and safety tips/advise for those first-time travelers.

In 2011 I decided to do a trip from Alaska to Argentina all by bicycle and by myself which turned into this mission to change the stereotype that we have within our own "community" and show that it doesn't matter where you come from that if you have a goal or dream you can follow it and achieve it.

After 13 months on the road I did a lot of damage to my lower back so I've decided to work out at Chuckwalla to straighten my core so i can have my old lifestyle that I haven't been able to have due to my back issues and loose those extra pounds I've gain due to lack of movement. So far, it's been better than all that time going to therapy.

My favorite workouts are the ones involving my lower body since I never really worked on the upper part lol.

If you would like to learn more of what we do for work, you can find me on Facebook as Antonio De la torre -Health and Life Insurance Agent.

And if you want to see pictures of my trip look on Facebook for "The Panamerican Guy"




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