WHEN: Saturday April 21, 2018  from 10:30am - 1:30pm

WHERE: Chuckwalla CrossFit (10 E Ruth Ave, Phoenix)


  • Moms, future moms, a supportive partner, or a coach of moms!

  • Any woman who has had a baby (postpartum is forever!), is pregnant, or thinks she might have a baby someday (core & pelvic floor strength starts now!)

  • Any fitness or health professional (i.e. health advocates, physical therapists, medical staff, fitness professionals, coaches, or instructors) who work with women

  • Anyone who supports and advocates for strong mothers

COST:    $55 ($45 members)          Register Now!

 There is a lack of guidance out there about pre/peri/postpartum exercise strategies and a lack of awareness about the core and pelvic floor relationship, causes & signs of dysfunction, and treatment/healing options. Leaking urine during exercise (or any other time), painful intercouse, pelvic/back/hip pain, diastasis (separated abs) and other postpartum issues get written off as “badges of motherhood,” but we want moms to know there is hope! These postpartum issues might be common but they do NOT need to be normal and are NOT something moms have to live with. Moms deserve to do the exercise they love in a way that prevents, heals, or minimizes core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Even if a mom doesn’t lift weight or have dedicated exercise, she is lifting and moving all day long. Her movement should leave her strong from the inside out, not be enhancing or creating her dysfunction.


Join us to learn the key components of finding strength from the inside out and then how to apply these strategies to daily living and your choice of fitness, whether that is pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy or returning to exercise postpartum. Learn strategies to help prevent, minimize, or heal diastasis recti and pelvic health concerns such as painful intercourse, urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Discover the optimal nutritional needs for supporting pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. All women deserve to feel healthy and strong, especially moms.



  • Understand the anatomy & relationship of the core (including pelvic floor & diaphragm)

  • Understand the changes to the core & body during pregnancy, labor & postpartum

  • Understand the signs & symptoms of core & pelvic floor dysfunction (especially incontinence, diastasis, & pelvic organ prolapse)

  • Understand that there is treatment and healing for core & pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Have an exercise strategy for pre/peri/postpartum based on breathing, alignment & mindset, which will minimize or heal core & pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Practice alignment, umbrella breathing & piston science strategy (core, breath & pelvic floor connection)

  • Practice applying the strategy to (your favorite form of) exercise through discussion & hands on teaching of the squat, deadlift & pull-ups

  • Know how to determine if an exercise/movement is “safe” for your body during pre/postpartum, how to modify, and how to progress volume/load/intensity

  • Learn (and practice!) how to lift & carry the baby and perform activities of daily living with optimal alignment and breathing

  • Learn how to properly fuel your body for a healthy and strong pre/peri/postpartum season

  • Take home a folder of the presentations and handouts so all of the material is accessible

  • Have local contacts for pelvic floor physical therapy, exercise guidance and nutrition coaching                              Register Now!


  • Lauren Koemans: mom to one, CF-L1, ACSM CPT & Chuckwalla CrossFit coach; passionate about connecting moms with the support they need & helping women find strength & confidence through exercise. Loves running & CrossFit.

  • Ashley Nowe: of Get Mom Strong, a mom and certified nutrition health coach specializing in helping moms regain their strength through nutrition, healthy living & functional exercise

  • Sarah Backus, DPT, physical therapist specializing in pelvic health; interested in core & pelvic floor stability in the female athlete. Avid CrossFit & PowerLifting athlete.

Move. Nourish. Heal.

-- Pregnancy & Postpartum Core Connections Workshop --


An informative workshop to help you navigate your pregnancy & postpartum fitness journey. Education about the core & pelvic floor combined with a strategy for movement will maximize your postpartum recovery and reduce issues like diastasis or incontinence.